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        The nature of competition among enterprises is the competition of talents

        Author:Chuanshu Date:2014-7-2 11:42:30
        The nature of competition among enterprises is the competition of talents. Talent is the source of vitality of the enterprise development. Sichuan machinery enterprises at the beginning of that grasp the people-oriented business philosophy since its creation, in the fierce competition in the information industry adhere to grasp the true meaning of knowledge economy, the implementation of the talent strategy. The establishment of a professional, unity, cooperation, innovation, has the sense of crisis, high-quality staff, to provide thoughtful, first-class products for customers, establish a good brand image in the industry.
        Strategic thinking: grasp the true meaning of knowledge economy, the importance of human resources of intellectual capital
        Leading cadres 1, build unity, stability, high quality, ensure the enterprise culture concept of company management philosophy, science, and
        Harmonic, high efficiency.
        2, the construction of high level, high level of professional and technical personnel, to strengthen the research, to ensure that the company's products to maintain the leading actor in technology
        3, the establishment of effective marketing personnel, increase the market share of the products of our company.
        4, the establishment of efficient management personnel, to ensure efficient implementation and improvement of creative business strategy.
        Strategic implementation plan
        1, attention to internal personnel training, the company internal training work is to improve employee job skills, identification with company and enterprise culture,
        Consistent with the necessary means to create high-quality staff of the company requirements, to discover and cultivate talent within the company through training,
        Optimize the use of talents, so that the company's success and personal growth together, really make the realization of "the interaction between the enterprise and employees".
        2, for the excellent talents of high level to actively introduce and use of intellectual capital is key to winning business. Increase the high water
        An important link of flat professional talents of intellectual capital investment is the enterprise management and maintain technology, marketing innovation will not
        Less investment.
        3, establish the platform using the corresponding human resources.
        Adhere to the people-oriented management philosophy in the company, set up to take the system, incentive mechanism and distribution system management talents
        Degree, and create the suitable talents play a working environment within the company, give them a stage to display their talent. Create conditions to find people
        Talent, train talent, attract talent and retain talent. Let the real talented person to become the main force in the development of the company.