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        How to solve the phenomenon of warping standard self-adhesive labeling machine

        Author:Chuanshu Date:2014-7-30 23:52:50
        Resolve the sticker labeling machine Alice standard phenomenon to various solutions:
        (a), as far as possible the use of soft label materials, labels have good ductility have greatly improved the standard of Alice also.
        (two), change the label shape.
        The bottom end of the arc labels made, try to avoid sealing deformation zone. Of course, the arc can not open too deep, or because of the label itself problems caused by fold, add unnecessary trouble. The special sealing is required to change the shape of the label, it can not only avoid warping standard can also increase the beauty.
        (three), add tag viscosity, try to make the label sticking firmly. To achieve this effect, need to be considered from the following aspects:
        Control tags in the labeling process labeling pressure.
        The labeling process temperature control. Increase in temperature will improve the effect of labeling, labeling, because with the increase of temperature, the internal material object activity will increase, the label can more easily and the tube body fusion.
        To improve the surface quality of stuck hose. The surface of the product most across the light oil, will increase the difficulty of labeling, contents of exudation, pipe wall of the microporous and so on will tilt caused by tags, how to avoid such problems, should be a more important issue we should consider.
        (four), to eliminate static electricity.
        The process of labeling is easy to produce static electricity, the impact of this on labeling effect, improve the labeling site proper humidity, there will be some improvement, using ion fan is effective solution. Labeling machine is internally provided with automatic humidity control, more can be individually controlled equipment internal cleanliness, let labeling away from dust, improve quality of product labeling. So do the labeling process is no longer in the Alice phenomena, to achieve the visual effect.