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        Company news

        Full automatic labeling machine features

        Author:Chuanshu Date:2014-7-30 23:52:06
        Automatic labeling machine features: This machine is reasonable in structure, reliable performance, simple operation, the use of photoelectric detection, accurate labeling. 1 using the labeling machine is advanced, to ensure the accuracy of labeling. 2 can adapt to all kinds of sizes of bottle labeling, adaptability. 3 label light eye sensitivity adjustable to different light transmittance label backing sheet comparison, can make identification and can adjust the sensitivity of different length, labels can make the best adjustment, to ensure that a standard normal and smooth and accurate. 4 all the mechanism comprises a frame and send marker, stop lever to fasteners made of stainless steel and aluminium materials most production, never rust, no contamination to ensure GMP environmental requirements. 5 system control components with international standard certification, and after entering the factory test strictly, ensure the reliability of the function!
        Automatic labeling machine adopts the whole mechanical transmission, enclosed transmission box adopts adhesive attached to various round bottle label, stable and reliable, small footprint, can be moved arbitrarily adjust workplace and suitable for single or line. According to customer demand, can also purchase printing device.