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        About Us

              Shanghai Chuanshu Machinery Co., Ltd. is an import and export  company, we are a professional manufacturer of packaging machinery covering the design, development, production, sales and services . We have many years of professional experience in manufacturing and development of the concept of  "customer first, the scene of the first", aiming to help every customer to enhance the automation technology. Our main products include automatic sleeve labeling machine, automatic labeling machine, automatic unpacking machine, automatic packing machine, automatic sealing machine series, automatic stacker Series and the series of transmission lines, auto-lift series ect. Our products have been commonly adopted in Taiwan, Thailand, Cambodia, Chile, Israel, Singapore, Malaysia and other countries. They are also widely used in beverage, food, beer, spices, cosmetics, daily chemical and other industries at home and well received by all.
                Our leading technology and management promise to bring your quality assurance. Our unique corporate culture helps us to win the market competitiveness and our new ideas inject vatality into creating our corporate brand. We always follow the business purposes of  "endless pursuit of the benefits of all users" to create a modern enterprise on the basis of more practical spirit, better products, better services .  

        Trustworthiness Wins Our the Market and Quality Makes Our Success